The Further Adventures of Charles Westover
Reissued on Vinyl!

The Further Adventures of Charles Westover LP (#TIM082)

Trouble In Mind is honored to be reissuing Del Shannon’s 1968 misunderstood masterpiece “The Further Adventures of Charles Westover” on vinyl for the first time since it’s original release.

In 1966, Del Shannon was at a crossroads in his career. Having freed himself from a stifling contract with Amy Records, he signed with Liberty Records under the auspices of more artistic freedom (and a hefty advance). He recorded two albums for them in ‘66 (”This Is My Bag” & “Total Commitment”) that featured the requisite cover tunes alongside some choice originals, but buoyed by an recording sessions with famed Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham, he began working on his magnum opus, more “in tune” with the sound of popular culture.

Two fruitful recording sessions with producers Dugg Brown & Dan Bourgoise birthed the twelve songs comprising “The Further Adventures of Charles Westover”, an inspired suite of tunes sharing more in common with The Zombies or The Left Banke than his previous hits “Runaway” or “Little Town Flirt” It was a new beginning for Shannon that should have opened the door to many more inspiring & ambitious albums. Despite critical acclaim, “Charles Westover” was a commercial failure, & Shannon left Liberty in 1969.

Upon hearing the majesty of “The Further Adventures of Charles Westover” for the first time, one has to ask themselves how was this album NOT a huge hit? Perhaps it was the changing times, music listeners were turning on to heavier sounds, or unwilling to embrace an “older” artists new output, but tunes like the haunting “Silver Birch” & “Gemini” and the cinematic popsike of “Colour Flashing Hair” & “Magical Musical Box” (not to mention the rockin’ “Runnin’ On Back” with it’s scorching layered lead guitar solos!) found their way into the eardrums of collectors everywhere & the album became a cult classic.

Trouble In Mind is proud to present “The Further Adventures of Charles Westover” to a new generation of fans embracing psychedelia in its many forms, remastered for vinyl by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service & housed in tip-on sleeves featuring restored jacket art by Chunklet Industries’ Henry Owings (Light In The Attic / Numero). If you‘ve heard this album before, rest assured this is the best it’s looked & sounded since gracing the lucky few’s turntables who heard it originally in 1968. If this is your first time spinning it... get ready.


Catalog #: TIM082
Original Album Producers: Dugg (Fontaine) Brown & Dan Bourgoise
Orchestrated by: Don Peake
Remastered by: Jason Ward
Cover Photo by: Bernie Yeszin
Liner Photo by: Bill Eastabrook
Restored Jacket Art by: Henry Owings
Distributed by: Trouble-In-Mind Records

Track List:

  1. Thinkin' It Over
  2. Be My Friend
  3. Silver Birch
  4. I Think I Love You
  5. River Cool
  6. Colour Flashing Hair
  7. Gemini
  8. Runnin' On Back
  9. Conquer
  10. Been So Long
  11. Magical Musical Box
  12. New Orleans (Mardi Gras)



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