Compiler's Notes and Additions

The stereo album of "Runaway With Del Shannon" contains two alternate takes to that of the mono version. They are "The Search" and "Runaway."

The stereo album of "Little Town Flirt" was pressed as both a two-sided stereo LP, and (in error) a one-sided stereo/one-sided mono LP. This album also contains the track "Hey! Little Girl" without vocal harmonies, as opposed to the single version.

The stereo album of "One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One Seconds With Del Shannon" contains an alternate take of "Do You Wanna Dance" to that of the mono LP. In addition, the stereo version of "Keep Searchin'" lacks the added echo and compression to that of the mono mix-down.

The majority of the Liberty singles are different mixes to those found on the Liberty LP's

In England, the BerLee single "Sue's Gotta Be Mine" b/w "Now She's Gone" was released on London as "Sue's Gonna Be Mine" b/w "Since She's Gone."

The original single of "Runaway" was erroniously pressed in small amounts with organist Maximilian's (Max Crook) instrumental "The Snake" in place of "Jody" on the B-side. This error is known to exist on U.S. Big Top #45-3067, England's London HLX-9317, Belgium's London 9.5.241, and the French EP, London 10.095.

"Midnight Train" differs on the Network single "Sea of Love" as opposed to the longer versions appearing on the Elektra single and the album, "Drop Down and Get Me." "Well, good morning!" is absent on the Network single.

The single, "Broken Promises," lacks Del's vocal overdubs which are found on the stereo album version of One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One Seconds.

The Australian single, "Let's Dance" (RCA 105046) is an earlier mix produced by Del Shannon at Weddington Studios in May of 1988. The "Rock On!" album version was stripped down and re-mixed by Jeff Lynne.

The 1991 Silvertone single of "Hot Love" (Silvertone #45103) features George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, and Tom Petty. The 1998 Raven release of "Hot Love" included on the 2-CD Anthology set is a different mix to that of the Silvertone mix. (Ending: "Give it to me, give it to me, wooo-oooo!")

In 1981, Del Shannon recorded "I Go To Pieces" as a duet with Nils Lofgren on the album, "Night Fades Away" (Backstreet BSR-5251)

Del Shannon recorded a self-penned composition, "Something To Believe In," for use in the Australian movie "Street Hero" in 1984. It appeared on the movie soundtrack, "Street Hero" (Festival #53133)

Shannon appeared on "Ray Campi With Friends In Texas" singing "Guitar Rag" as a duet with Ray campi.

Del lent his vocals on the track "World We Know" from The Smithereens '88 album, "Green Thoughts."

Shannon appeared on Tom Petty's "Full Moon Fever" album doing whistles and bird calls on "Attention CD Listeners."

Del was featured on "Blown Away" from Jeff Lynne's solo album, "Armchair Theatre" released in 1990.

Shannon produced Brian Hyland from 1969-1971. Del produced 4 singles and an album for Uni Records, including the Top 5 hit, "Gypsy Woman."

Shannon and Hyland wrote "Go Go Girl" for Beth Moore on Capitol #PRO-5023.

Shannon and Hyland composed "How Can I Tell" for Barbara Lewis (Enterprise LP 1006). The track was produced by Ollie McLaughlin, the Ann Arbor, Michigan disc jockey who discovered Del in 1960.

Shannon co-wrote "Delilah" with Brian Hyland which appeared on Hyland's Dot single (45-17078)."Come With Me" was the flipside, written by Hyland and Dugg Brown.

Shannon co-wrote "Don't Cry Donna" with Brian, appearing on Hyland's album, "Stay and Love Me All Summer" (Dot DLP 25954).

Del composed, arranged, and produced "Think About Her All The Time" and "One Way Or The Other" for country star Johnny Carver (Imperial #66173)

Del composed, arranged, and produced "I Go To Pieces" and "The Zombie" for R&B singer Lloyd Brown. It was never released.

Shannon wrote "I've Got Eyes For You" which appeared on Waylon Jennings' LP, "Cedartown, Georgia" (RCA-4567).

Del produced his composition "In My Arms Again" for Australian female vocalist Marcie Jones (Atlantic #100046) in 1975, arranged by Shannon with keyboardist Frank Esler-Smith of Air Supply.


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